Prevent Dementia With This Simple Morning Routine

Preventing dementia should be on everyone’s to-do list.

With diseases such as Alzheimer’s occurring at such alarming rates, it is no surprise that you are here reading this. Perhaps you are seeking ways to reboot your brain health to prevent neurodegenerative disease.

Fortunately, we have formulated a powerful, science-backed morning routine that is both neuroprotective and joy-enhancing. The routine is easy, and with consistency, your mind’s clarity and mood will increase exponentially.

After Waking, Go Walking

After waking up and drinking a glass of water, go walking. Make it a brisk walk if possible. Walking has stress-reducing qualities that are important to utilize in the morning when cortisol levels are highest. Since stress is linked to dementia, consider this start to your morning a wake-up call for a healthy brain.

Walk in a natural setting such as a park if possible. Walking in natural settings increases the stress-relieving properties of walking.

Have Your Coffee With Some Medium-Chain Triglyceride (MCT) Oil

Many are aware that coffee can prevent dementia, particularly Alzheimer’s disease. Fortunately, researchers have discovered another potential compound that can help guard our brains: MCT oil. MCT oil works by creating ketones in the body which protect the brain from neurodegenerative disease.

Image via Pexels

Don’t worry, you will barely be able to tell the MCTs are even there. Your coffee will still taste like your prized black cup of coffee. Also, note that the MCTs will improve your gut health, which is great for the brain.

Cold Shower Time

Science is showing us that the development of Alzheimer’s disease has much to do with our mitochondrial health. So how can we strengthen the mitochondria of our cells? Try this: during your shower, go ahead and alternate between very hot and very cold water.

Your body will begin producing proteins called heat-shock proteins (HSPs). HPSs form under stressful conditions such as high heat and coldness. Furthermore, they have been shown to refine and clean the mitochondria.

You will feel noticeable energy and mental clarity boost after just a few of these hot-cold showers.

Delay Your Breakfast For a Bit

We evolved with fasting. Our ancestors fasted and ate their calories in restricted time frames. Now, research is proving that intermittent fasting increases human growth hormone (HGH), which has neuroprotective properties within the brain.

Fasting can be key to preventing dementia. Do not worry, we are only suggesting delaying your breakfast by a few hours. The time it will take you to go on your walk, have your coffee, and take your cold shower may just be enough. We suggest making these fasts 12-16 hours long.

Utilize this component of the morning routine when it feels right for you. Also, do not fast during stressful times. Fasting can actually increase stress in the body for some people.

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Once you implement this morning routine as a lifestyle, not only will you be preventing dementia, but you will be feeling very clear-headed very soon. Also, if you have been lacking the clear-headedness you want lately, it may be time to screen for Alzheimer’s.

Once every six months, make our dementia screening app a part of your morning routine as well. Download the BrainTest® app or check out the web version of BrainTest® today.

Jacob Lopez is a professional health writer currently working alongside holistic doctors and specializing in neuroenhancement, preventative medicine, and longevity science. Jacob is passionate about the connection between spirituality and the brain, as well as the science surrounding neuroplasticity and brain optimization. While earning his BA in English and Writing from California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo, Jacob worked as a journalist for his university's newspaper where he wrote and published print articles surrounding campus mental health.