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Key People Bios & Headshots

Frederick Ghahramani
Founder, BrainTest Ltd.
Frederick Ghahramani is an entrepreneur who started his first software company in his final year of university and grew it to $1 billion in sales in over 40 countries. While experiencing his grandfather's final years, he was struck by the sudden change of personality and confidence wreaked by late-stage cognitive decline. Through BrainTest, he’s built a unique collaboration between Alzheimer’s researchers and mobile application designers to create a simple, at-home, cognitive screening service that can empower and educate.
Dr. Douglas W. Scharre, MD
Director, Division of Cognitive Neurology
Dr. Scharre has led Center for Cognitive and Memory Disorders at The Ohio State University's Wexner Medical Center since 1993. He conducts clinical research in dementia and mild cognitive impairment: including clinical drug trials using cognitive enhancers and behavioral therapies; functional neuroimaging studies using PET, SPECT and MRI; and screening for mild cognitive impairment and early dementia diagnosis. He's the creator of the pen-and-paper based Self-Administered Gerocognitive Exam (SAGE).