Author: Dr. Viatcheslav Vlassov

Dr. Viatcheslav Vlassov

Dr. Viatcheslav Vlassov received a Ph.D. in Biomedical Sciences and worked as a researcher and lecturer at several universities around the world, including the University of Cambridge, the University of New South Wales, and the University of North Carolina. In his current role as a scientific consultant, he provides academic technical support and lends his expertise to researchers, organizations, and individuals working in various fields of biological, chemical and medical sciences.

Is Dementia A Heritable Condition?

Dementia is rather common in the elderly population, and for many decades medical professionals assumed that this cognitive decline is nothing more than a consequence of getting older. However, it turns out that the picture is more complex. Apart from some rare cases, there are no specific genes for dementia.

How to Recognize if a Loved One Needs Alzheimer’s Screening

Alzheimer’s disease can have a very noticeable onset. Unfortunately, it is uncommon for a victim of Alzheimer’s to seek help themselves. Often, it is a family member or friend that steps in to suggest a visit to the doctor.  It is essential to know the early signs of Alzheimer’s. Once